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Bucs Brofile - Michael Rubin

By Ben Bjorkgren, 04/05/22, 1:00PM CDT


Our Brofile this week is with Merrimack commit, Michael Rubin. We wanted to know more about the New York native, so we asked him a few questions. 

What are you looking forward to the most about playing at Merrimack?

MR: I’m looking forward to just playing at the college level. It has always been a goal of mine along with playing in a good conference where you play high end schools every night. Also looking forward to the college experience.  

We have asked several players, from New York and Illinois the same question, New York style pizza, or Chicago style pizza?

MR: Being from New York I may be a bit biased, but New York one hundred percent. Chicago style is just too cheesy and way too thick, I am not a fan. 

You went to an all-boys high school, describe that experience. 

MR: I went to Don Bosco Prep for three years and had a great experience. You meet a lot of people from all over, and there’s a big sense of brotherhood at the school. 

Being from the New England area, and moving to the Midwest for hockey, what has the transition been like for you?

MR: I have found it pretty easy. There is a lot more to do than you think, and it is cool to experience a different kind of lifestyle than the east coast. 

We heard you like to play Fortnite, with it being a big topic to some people of how the game has changed, we must know, in your opinion, old version of Fortnite? Or the new and changing version of Fortnite?

MR: I haven’t it played it in a long time, so maybe that says something about the new version. But a bunch of the guys on the team play it and like it, so maybe I’ll have to get back on the game and test it out.