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Bucs BroFile - Jackson Stotts

By Ben Bjorkgren, 04/19/22, 12:00PM CDT


Finns Pub Buccaneer BroFile Jackson Stotts 

Our Finns Pub BroFile of the week is our equipment manager Jackson Stotts. We wanted to know more about Jackson, so we wanted to ask him a few questions: 

What made you want to be a hockey equipment manager? 

JS: I knew I wanted to be an equipment manager at a young age. I’d say not being the best hockey player to play at a higher level, but still being around hockey is a main reason as well. 

What position would you play, or did you play when you were a hockey player?

JS: I played forward growing up. Was not the best but a huge depth and energy guy.

Being with the Buccaneers as an equipment manager, what is your favorite memory?

JS: It was my birthday, and we had a game, and won. After the game I was surprised with a cake and sang happy birthday to me. Special moment that I will remember forever. 

What is your favorite offseason activity?

JS: I am a good fisher. So, between fishing and hopping on the golf course is how I spend a lot of my offseason. My favorite course to play is back home in Alabama, I play that course about 3 times a week, potentially the best course hands down. 

Say you go on to the NHL or the NCAA to become an equipment manager. Which school or team would you choose to be a part of?

JS: For NHL, I would choose Nashville. Just because it is so close to home, and I would see my family and friends a lot more often.